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Financial Literacy Slipping in Career Military Families, First Command Reports

The First Command Financial Behaviors Index® reveals that middle-class military families appear less financially knowledgeable than their civilian counterparts

FORT WORTH, Texas — More than half of America’s career military families were unable to pass a recently-administered financial literacy test, underscoring the importance of new calls for improved financial training for servicemembers.

Results of the fourth annual financial literacy test and survey jointly commissioned by First Command Financial Services, Inc., and First Command Educational Foundation reveal that middle-class military families (commissioned officers and senior NCOs in pay grades E-6 and above with household incomes of at least $50,000) earned an average grade of 69. It’s the first failing score recorded for military families since the testing program was launched in 2012. More than half (55 percent) of military test takers failed to correctly answer at least seven of the nine questions on the test.

Members of general population families with similar household incomes performed slightly better, eking out a passing score with an average grade of 71. Forty-five percent of civilian test takers failed to correctly answer at least seven of the questions.


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