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Learn more about the financial services industry and First Command by participating in one of our internship programs. You’ll receive hands-on experience, personal mentoring and training with a company dedicated to both serving and hiring from the military community.

Gain professional experience while on active duty.

First Command has partnered with the Department of Defense and Hiring Our Heroes to assist with a smooth military transition to civilian life. Our internship programs emphasize professional development and help match your skills with private sector positions so you can find the best fit for your next career – all while you’re still on active duty.

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Picture of David Lammert, District Advisor.

David Lammert, District Advisor

“The Department of Defense SkillBridge Program allowed me to seamlessly transition to a new career as a Financial Advisor without a break in employment or pay. The internship helped springboard me to where I am today. With First Command, I was able to follow a structured training program that transformed me from an active duty soldier to a full-time financial planning professional. Not many people can say they love their job, but I honestly do. I love that I can continue to serve those who serve by coaching our deserving clients through their lifelong financial journey.”

Picture of Keith Thibodeau, Associate Director of Advisor Operational Initiatives.

Keith Thibodeau, Associate Director of Advisor Operational Initiatives

“As I began my transition from military to civilian life, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do or how to gain the skills necessary to be competitive in the corporate world. The Hiring Our Heroes program allowed me to have an early look into corporate America and interview with several companies. It also gave me the opportunity to study for my licensing exams while still providing for my family. The Hiring Our Heroes internship was truly the blessing I needed to get started on a career with a company I love.”

Picture of Erin Lammert, Financial Advisor.

Erin Lammert, Financial Advisor

“I discovered the Department of Defense SkillBridge Program about nine months prior to transitioning from the military as an Army Captain. The program gave me the flexibility to complete three professional licenses, attend the training academy, shadow practicing Financial Advisors, and prepare to start my practice – all while still in the military. I literally took the uniform off on my last day in the Army and woke up the next day to start my career with First Command. The Career Skills Program truly reflects an individualized transition assistance program that allows service members to successfully take the leap into civilian life.”


Learn about a rewarding career in the financial services industry while you transition from military service.

  • Make professional connections and improve your marketability.
  • Receive hands-on training and experience.
  • Complete a structured Securities Registrations and Insurance Licensing program.
  • Plan and organize marketing events.
  • Position yourself for a successful career as a First Command Financial Advisor.       

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