Continued service.

At First Command, we are committed to coaching those who serve in their pursuit of financial security. The mission-driven focus, teamwork and commitment to service that are inherent in military life are not often replicated in a civilian career. But they are an integral part of being a First Command Financial Advisor.

The valuable skills and ability that you have built throughout your service are the primary skills we look for in our Advisors.

When you become a First Command Advisor, you will be a vital part of the First Command team. You will be joining an organization that values you, honors you and supports your desire to be the driving force behind your own second career.

Jim McNair

Jim McNair, Lt. Col., US Army (Ret) Advisor since 2011

“Getting my career as a First Command Financial Advisor squared away has given me what I’ve always wanted: the ability to serve my community while never missing a single moment that’s important to my family.”

“4 out of 5 of our Advisors are veterans or military spouses.”
Brad Witham

Brad Witham, Major, USMCR Advisor since 2011

“As a leader of Marines, my passion was helping young men and women get their military careers squared away. Now, as a trusted Advisor, I’m just as passionate about helping military families get their financial lives squared away.”


A second career that keeps you connected to the military community.

  • Use the camaraderie and bonds forged throughout your military career to help form significant connections and stay involved with the military community.
  • Add value to the lives of members of the military community by helping clients pursue their financial objectives and goals.
  • Aid clients in reducing debt and building savings for emergencies.
  • Prepare clients financially for the transitions that are unique to military life.
  • Coach military clients in proven ways to overcome the financial challenges they face today and tomorrow.

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