Military Advisory Board

The First Command Military Advisory Board is a select group of retired senior flag officers and senior enlisted leaders from the nation’s military services that advise us on how to best serve the interest of our valued military clients. This 10-member board is committed to providing First Command with independent perspective and advice on important issues including:

  • Trends within the military that affect personnel and their families
  • Evolving and specific financial needs of military families
  • Products and services that serve the best interest of military families
  • Building strong, collaborative relationships with each branch of the service, their civilian workforce and reserve force, and the National Guard
  • Aligning the company’s high ethical standards with the high standards of the military

Perhaps most importantly, members of the First Command Military Advisory Board believe in our charge to get our valued military families squared away … to serve not only the financial needs of our clients, but to take an interest in the overall success and health of our men and women in uniform.

Each member has enjoyed a long and distinguished career, rising to the pinnacle of his or her service. And each continues to be actively involved in the military community while enjoying a successful post-military career. The members of the First Command Military Advisory Board are committed to helping First Command help America’s military service members plan for and pursue the financial security they seek for themselves and their families.

Learn about First Command’s Military Advisory Board members:


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