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Special support available to clients affected by Midwest flooding
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During natural disasters and other catastrophic events, First Command is committed to providing you with the assistance you may need related to your insurance, investment and banking products.

As always, your First Command Financial Advisor should be your first point of contact. If, for any reason, you encounter difficulty in reaching the local office, please do not hesitate to contact one of the helpful Customer Service Representatives in our Fort Worth, Texas Home Office. They can be reached at 800.443.2104 and are well equipped to answer your questions, provide assistance or connect you with your Advisor.

Also, First Command Bank has taken steps to ensure that anyone displaced by a major storm or other catastrophic event has ready access to their funds. The bank is offering all affected clients:

Loan assistance 
We are offering 6-12 month single-pay loans to all affected clients. No monthly payments are required and the principal and interest is due in a single payment at the end of the term. It’s our hope that this will allow clients to bridge the financial gap until insurance claims are settled. In addition, affected clients will receive expedited service by First Command Bank’s consumer loan team, which is prepared to quickly respond to credit requests and approve loan payment skips while clients are in the process of recovering.

Penalty–free early CD withdrawals 
First Command Bank will waive any bank-generated early withdrawal penalties for clients who need to redeem a First Command Bank Certificate of Deposit prior to its maturity.

Secured lines of credit 
First Command Bank is ready to help clients use their non-tax qualified mutual fund as collateral for a low interest rate line of credit.

Special handling of credit card accounts 
First Command Bank’s Visa cardholders will be offered priority processing for increases to credit limits and deferments of monthly payments. The bank will also waive cash advance fees.

To learn more or take action on any of these offers, simply contact your Financial Advisor or call these specialists at First Command Bank directly:

Loan Assistance, Lines of Credit and Credit Cards: 
Debbie Sanders, 888.763.7600, ext. 2788

Elisa Lott, 888.763.7600, ext. 2615

We appreciate the confidence you have placed in First Command and we are committed to doing everything we can to meet all of your financial needs now and in the future as you continue your financial journey.