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First Command Offers Tips For Monitoring Family Finances

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FORT WORTH, Texas — Looking to keep a closer watch on your household finances? First Command Financial Services, Inc. is offering a few ideas in the Fall 2015 issue of Journey, the online magazine for First Command clients.

Titled "Servicemembers Outpacing Civilians In Monitoring Family Finances," the story reports that middle-class military families are checking a variety of aspects of their household finances on a frequent basis. The majority:

  • Monitor pay stubs
  • Make sure they stick to a defined budget
  • Monitor personal stock investments
  • Check mutual fund allocations
  • Monitor taxes and tax changes

"At a time of widespread uncertainty about sequestration and defense downsizing, many military families are conscientiously tracking their finances," said Scott Spiker, CEO of First Command Financial Service, Inc. "Two thirds of career servicemembers feel anxious about cuts to defense spending. That's about twice the rate we see in the general population. Our men and women in uniform are responding to this heightened anxiety through a variety of proactive financial behaviors. By diligently monitoring their finances, they are preparing themselves for an uncertain future."

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