Squared Away®

These are challenging times for America’s military families. Our troops have been at war for a decade. Cuts in the defense budget are looming. A sluggish economy has made it difficult for veterans to find good jobs. And the stress associated with these challenges has put a tremendous strain on military family life.

Not surprisingly, many servicemembers are struggling financially as well. Our research tells us that too many military families have trouble paying their monthly bills, much less investing in their futures.

All of this strikes very close to home here at First Command. Our company was founded in 1958 by a retired Air Force officer with a mission to improve the financial well-being of servicemembers and their families. Today, more than half of our Financial Advisors are military veterans. So we are compelled to step up and do more for servicemembers and their families. Compelled to help them rebound from these interconnected challenges and get their personal, professional and financial lives squared away.

Through hands-on partnerships and our own commitments, we are addressing the emotional and family needs of at-risk military families. We’re facing head-on the need to identify and provide meaningful employment for veterans and their spouses. And we’re delivering the face-to-face financial coaching that we believe can best help military families overcome their short-term financial challenges and effectively pursue their long-term goals.

The objective is simple: We want to give military families, veterans and their families the security and peace of mind that come from being prepared and the confidence that comes from being at their best…in every facet of their lives. That’s Squared Away.


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