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Our Financial Advisors can help you pursue your goals, no matter where military service takes you. Your success is our success.

Ready to get your financial life squared away?

Most of our Financial Advisors are veterans or military spouses who have walked where you walk. We have a deep understanding of military life, and can coach you through the specific financial planning strategies that each life stage requires. We help young clients develop a core savings regimen to lay the groundwork for future financial independence. We guide growing families through the process of college savings and insurance planning. And we help those nearing the end of their working years establish a retirement income plan.


The cornerstones of financial planning.

We embrace proven planning principles to help you reduce debt, build wealth, and pursue financial security from the start of your military career, to retirement and beyond.
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We’ll show you how to take a disciplined approach to saving —a vital step towards lifelong financial security.

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Risk is a part of life — especially military life. Our insurance strategy will focus on protecting your assets and your loved ones from the financial risks associated with unexpected events.

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We offer investments best suited for military families, and welcome clients who have not yet built up personal wealth. It's never too early to get started.


Elements of an effective plan.

The development and delivery of a solid financial plan is the beginning of a collaborative, face-to-face relationship. Here’s what you can expect from yours:


We’ll identify your values and priorities — what’s important to you — and translate them into meaningful financial goals.


We’ll recommend specific investments, insurance, and full-service banking to address your needs.


We’ll ensure every aspect of your plan is well balanced and accounts for your unique military benefits.


We’ll review your plan regularly and make necessary adjustments to keep pace with major life changes.


Make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

We’re seeking people from a variety of military backgrounds to join our team. The mission-driven focus, teamwork, and commitment to service that are inherent to military life are the primary skills we look for in our Financial Advisors.


Get Started

Let’s start with your financial plan.

Answer just a few simple questions and — If we determine that you can benefit from working with us — we’ll put you in touch with a First Command Advisor to create your personalized financial plan. There’s no obligation, and no cost for active duty military service members and their immediate families.

Common Financial Planning Questions

Your First Command Financial Advisor will take the time to get to know you and understand what’s important to you. To help you identify meaningful goals that reflect your values. To work with you hands-on to develop a financial plan you’re comfortable with. And then to follow through – making adjustments along the way to ensure that your plan keeps pace with life’s inevitable changes: relocation, job status, a changing family, unexpected events or evolving priorities.

Advisors may receive commissions, bonuses or other compensation based on the sale of securities or insurance, including distribution or service fees from the sale of mutual funds. They may receive a fee for personalized investment advisory services and financial planning services provided through our Tailored Professional Services program. And they may also receive compensation from First Command Bank, in recognition of their efforts to promote banking relationships. We recognize that there is a potential for conflict of interest when offering investment advisory services while also being compensated for the sale of securities, insurance and banking products. With this in mind, First Command maintains policies and procedures to ensure that any recommendations made to you are in your best interests and consistent with First Command's fiduciary standards. For details regarding fees, please see the Fees and Compensation section on page 5 of our Description of Services brochure. 

Online “Robo-advisor” tools promise to provide quick and inexpensive portfolio management services. But military families face life events and decisions that are too important to leave to an online tool. Achieving long-term financial security involves a lot more than the creation of an effective investment strategy. By providing face-to-face coaching, Financial Advisors can help their clients build successful financial behaviors, combat consumer temptations, and experience the confidence and security that comes through successful goal setting, budgeting, and risk management.