Growth Beyond Circumstance
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Growth Beyond Circumstance

July 17, 2018 | 2 min. read

Being named the 2018 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year Base Winner for Fort Bragg is a big milestone for Katy Stevick, but it’s just the most recent in her journey as a military spouse and a First Command Financial Advisor.

Katy’s journey began when she and her college sweetheart, Michael, married in 2012. When Katy and Michael, now a captain with the 82nd Airborne, arrived at Bragg, she hit the ground running. In addition to leading a local group of military spouse entrepreneurs, serving as an ambassador for the Greater Fayetteville Chamber and participating in the Association of Bragg Spouses, Katy hosts a weekly Milspouse Night that sustains her and her wide network of fellow spouses through deployments and trainings connected with the Fort Bragg life.

Amidst all this, Katy joined the First Command Financial Services team as an Advisor in 2014. Now she follows her passion to help military families pursue financial security and to help other military spouses embrace this life by finding their calling, starting a business, or finding a way to get involved in the community.

What drives you to serve military families?

Katy: Apart from being in an active-duty military family myself, I’ve found the most opportunity for "growth beyond circumstance." Circumstances dictate so much of our lives from frequent moves, deployments, and trainings to simply being stationed in locations with limited economic opportunity. In a lifestyle where so much can seem out of our control, I've learned to find opportunities in the challenges and be proactive to set myself and my clients up for success in the elements we can control.

How does being a military spouse impact how you serve clients?

Katy: While I love helping families who desire to live on one income create a plan to do so sustainably, many spouses want to work. Unfortunately, underemployment – a problem that impacts 90% of military spouses, according to the Military Officers Association of America and the Institute for Veterans and Military Families – limits both their personal fulfillment and their ability to achieve long term financial goals. I try to inspire my fellow military spouses to find or create opportunities to grow, whether that be through career choices, entrepreneurship, or pursuing a creative passion.

Sounds like you like to keep busy. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Katy: When Michael is on leave, we love to travel and sight-see so much that we usually walk about ten miles a day, everywhere we go! I also like to stay active when we’re home by hiking with our dog and practicing yoga. I recently completed my 200-hr yoga teacher certification as well as a certification with Warriors at Ease to work specifically with military populations and the wounded warrior community.

For you, what’s the best part of being in a military family?

Katy: As military families, we serve a higher calling. We witness, on a daily basis, the meaning of sacrifice, honor and selfless service.

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