Asset Management Solutions

If you’re like most busy people, researching and tracking your investments in ever-changing markets and handling your own investment transactions are more than you have time for. And keeping your investments finely balanced and aligned to your financial goals is an even greater challenge.

First Command’s Asset Management Solutions are designed to simplify the pursuit of your financial goals by providing professional investment management that frees you from the daily details of managing your assets.


Two distinct Asset Management Solutions — the Select Investor Program, and the Foundations Investment Program — follow a values-focused, personalized approach to financial planning and are designed to:

  • Match your financial goals to a customized portfolio
  • Manage risk while creating opportunities for rewards
  • Minimize management and administrative costs
  • Provide ongoing professional investment management and advice that adapt to changes in your goals and circumstances


Asset Management Solutions incorporate a thoughtfully structured process in which:

  • Your First Command Financial Advisor will help you identify your investment goals, financial needs and investor personality, including your tolerance for risk and expectations for returns
  • Your Advisor will recommend an asset allocation and diversified investment portfolio that align with your goals, needs and investor personality
  • Professional investment managers will implement your plan, monitor your investments, and rebalance your portfolio periodically to maintain your defined asset allocation and diversification


Each Asset Management Solutions program offers the convenience and expertise of professional management of an investment portfolio tailored to your financial goals. And all deliver an array of features, such as online access to account information, detailed performance reports, and quarterly commentaries on the economy and securities markets, to help you monitor your progress in the pursuit of your goals.

However, you may have particular financial circumstances, investment preferences, tax concerns or other needs that are best addressed by one of these programs. Your First Command Financial Advisor can explain the features and benefits of each program and help you determine which of our Asset Management Solutions is right for you.

To learn more, contact a trusted First Command Financial Advisor today.

The Core Investment Program, the Select Investor Program, and the Foundations Investment Program are fee-based programs in which the ongoing fee is based on a percentage of the assets held within an investor’s account. In addition to this management fee, an investor will incur mutual fund operational expenses.


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