Role of a Trusted Advisor

To understand the value we place on the role of an Advisor, you don’t have to dig much deeper than our mission statement: Coaching those who serve in their pursuit of financial security. We invest significant time and resources in helping our financial planners master the diverse skills they need to be an effective financial coach. Because we’re confident that the greatest value we deliver is the ongoing guidance of a knowledgeable and trusted Advisor.

That’s why your First Command Financial Advisor will take the time to get to know you and understand what’s important to you. To help you identify meaningful goals that reflect your values. To work with you hands-on to develop a financial plan you’re comfortable with. And then to follow through – making adjustments along the way to ensure that your plan keeps pace with life’s inevitable changes: relocation, job status, a changing family, unexpected events or evolving priorities.

There are lots of excellent self-service financial planning firms out there that can get you started and provide you with a toll-free number. But we pledge to help you get your financial life squared away by working face-to-face with a knowledgeable, trusted financial coach. If this collaborative relationship appeals to you, look no further than First Command.


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