Staying the Course

Suddenly, the future looms closer. It seems like yesterday that you comforted your son on his first day of kindergarten. But now he’s off to college, and your daughter’s not far behind. It’s the time when balancing present desires like supporting your children’s education with future goals like retirement becomes most challenging.

If this sounds like your life, you’re probably attempting to Stay the Course financially. And a First Command Financial Advisor can help, by identifying your priorities, setting goals, and recommending solutions for your unique needs.  


You’ve saved consistently and invested diligently for events you envisioned years ago. But now the bills are coming due. Should you stop investing to free up cash on hand? Should you sell those investment shares you’ve worked so hard to build up? What about taxes? What about retirement?

Your First Command Financial Advisor can help you:

  • Evaluate options available for funding your children’s education. For college, that means considering not only investment vehicles like 529 Plans, Education Savings Accounts and custodial accounts, but also options like scholarships, grants and financial aid. Your Financial Advisor can advise you of any restrictions or risks associated with education investments, explain how money you set aside for college may affect financial aid, and help you prioritize your investment dollars to meet the time horizon of your goals. 
  • Define an investment allocation in proportion to the size and time horizon of your goals. Selling shares or making withdrawals to meet your goals can be stressful, as it may seem you’re undoing the hard work of long-term investing. And determining what to sell, where to make withdrawals, and when to do so can be daunting. Your Financial Advisor can guide you through the considerations to help you make confident choices.
  • Keep sight of your retirement. Though you want to provide your family the best possible life, it’s important not to lose sight of your own retirement.  Your Financial Advisor can provide scenarios illustrating how withdrawals from your investment accounts may affect your retirement goals, through interactive tools such as My Financial Journey™.


Your insurance needs are as unique as your financial situation, risk temperament and long-term goals. A First Command Financial Advisor can help you develop a personalized insurance strategy to protect the things and provide for the people most important to you. This strategy is a vital part of a financial plan, especially for answering these essential questions when Staying the Course:

By developing an insurance stategy with your Financial Advisor, you can enjoy the convenience of consolidating your financial planning under one roof.


Perhaps it’s time to remodel your home, with help from a home equity loan through First Command Bank. Or maybe you could use an unsecured loan to meet other needs. If you enjoy the convenience of putting your expenses on a credit card and paying a single monthly bill, our no-fee Platinum Visa® comes with a great rate and free rewards. And few things are simpler than OnCommand™ online banking and bill paying services.

Summing it up

Staying the Course is a time for making smart decisions that balance the present and the future — the time when you truly appreciate the value of a financial plan, and when you recognize the smart decision you made when you invited First Command to accompany you on your financial journey. To learn more about how a financial plan can benefit you, contact a trusted First Command Financial Advisor today.


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