Benefit from the best rate with a secured loan.

For our lowest rates on short-term financing loans, apply for a personal loan secured by your First Command Bank Certificate of Deposit or eligible non-tax-qualified mutual funds1.

  • Choose a secured loan amount from $2,000 up to 90% of your mutual fund value or the full value of your CD.
  • Choose a repayment term that fits your budget (flexible for loans greater than $25,000).
  • We offer installment loans, single-pay notes and lines of credit.

Current Loan Rates

Only existing First Command clients are eligible to apply. For more information or to become a client, please contact a Financial Advisor near you.


Tools & Advice

1. Fund cannot be assigned as collateral to any other institution. AMS and IMA accounts may be used.

2. APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate.

3. The interest rate will not change during the term of the loan.