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Lending Solutions for Consumers, Active Duty Military and Veterans

Personal Loans For Military

Borrowing Solutions

Committed to helping you find the right loans for your needs.

At First Command, we offer both secured and unsecured loans1 for military personnel, veterans, and civilians. We offer solutions to consolidate debt, finance home improvements, purchase a new or used vehicle or buy the home of your dreams.

Auto Loans

Whether you're shopping for a new or used vehicle, we can provide the financing that fits your budget.

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Experience a smooth home financing process with a full selection of mortgage products at competitive rates.

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Debt Consolidation

Regain your financial freedom by consolidating your credit card debt into one easy-to-manage loan.

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Secured Personal Loans

Secure a personal loan with eligible non-tax-qualified mutual funds or Certificates of Deposit, to benefit from our best interest rates.2

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Unsecured Personal Loans

Get the loan you need without tying your loan to your assets.

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Common Loan Questions

Eligible non-tax-qualified mutual funds brokered through First Command Financial Services or Certificates of Deposit with First Command Bank can be used as collateral for a loan. Contact the loan department at 800-526-9409 to verify eligibility.

Auto titles can only be used as collateral for a loan to purchase or refinance that vehicle.

Loan payments can be set up automatically to draft a First Command Bank account or set up to automatically debit another bank. If you do not wish to establish an automatic payment, you can choose to receive a monthly bill.
If you have a First Command Bank deposit account, you can make a principal-only payment via online or mobile banking using the Transfer Funds feature. If the principal-only payment is being made from another bank, you can mail a check to First Command Bank. Please be sure to include your loan number and request that it be applied to the principal balance.

Mail payments to 1 FirstComm Plaza, Fort Worth, TX 76109.

Please be sure to include your loan number on any payment mailed to First Command Bank.

  1. All loans subject to credit approval.
  2. Fund cannot be assigned as a collateral to any other institution. AMS and IMA accounts may be used.