There aren't many financial institutions who can claim to be by your side day and night.

I've been associated with First Command (USPA & IRA) since the Mid 80's KI Sawyer AFB MI. There aren't many financial institutions who can claim to be by your side day and night but in addition they are there in the states or wherever you happen to be as I've found since I joined.

In that time, we have been through good and bad times both personally and financially. Personally, they have been with me through two divorces, and never did they say I wasn't qualified but worked with me to build sound financial planning into the situation.

Even in retirement I have personalized contact with my advisor and regular meetings to discuss the federal financial situation and assurances from the company that they are aware of the situation and working in MY best interest in pursuit of OUR goals. My son went to college at Norwich University in central Vermont. It doesn't get much more remote than that. He came home during his junior year and one day in conversation asked me if I'd heard of First Command.

We talked more about his long-term goals but to make a long story short I told him for the first time I was a member of First Command and to this day this young Air Force Officer is working with First Command to pursue his long-term financial future. How much more could you ever ask for? 

–  James J Gamache


Tina Pierce

Financial Advisor

This material contains a testimonial from a client of First Command Financial Services, Inc. and/or its affiliated entities (together “First Command”). The testimonial was provided by the client on a strictly voluntary basis. First Command has not paid any direct or indirect compensation to the client for the testimonial and is unaware of any other material conflicts of interest. The testimonial may not be representative of the experience of other First Command clients and is no guarantee of future performance or success.

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