I have found him knowledgeable about today's investment environment.

I have been a First Command client since I graduated from college and began active duty in the Air Force in 1982. Technically though, my saving for the future started in 1972, when my parents enrolled me in a unified gift to minors’ act (UGMA) mutual fund. Back then, this financial investment organization was known as United Services Planning Association (USPA&IRA). While I was in high school, it slowly sank into my mind that I needed to save for the future; and that was all because my parents introduced me to that UGMA.

As soon as I pinned on my lieutenant bars, I began working with my local USPA&IRA advisor to pursue that goal. On average, I spent about half of every month flying the C-141 aircraft all over the world. So, for me, it was conveniently easy to let the First Command organization guide me on my investments while I concentrated on flying. Each time I moved to a new Air Force base I would immediately get to know and start working with my new advisor. On one of these long C-141 overseas flights, I was assigned as copilot to then Captain Michelle Johnson. I spoke with her about my First Command experience, and she chose to invest. Eventually, we married three years later. During these 40-plus years, everyone on my long list of First Command advisors have been outstanding people. They understood the military, and how to work with me. They taught me "dollar cost averaging" and other aspects of the financial world.

Along my journey, I also developed a few personal observations about investing. Fellow pilots in the squadron would ask me: "When is the best time to invest your money?" I can now answer: "When you have it!" or: "What is the market going to do?" and I would answer, "It's going to fluctuate!" So, the best thing to do is just keep going and don't quit- commitment is key! And that is where the First Command Financial advisors come in and help. My current Advisor is Mr. James McCullough, a retired F-15E pilot who goes by the call sign “Chainsaw”. I have found him knowledgeable about today's investment environment. Plus, he is well plugged in with other company Advisors and First Command management. He continues to update our investment roadmap in pursuit of financial success.

– Maj. John Hargreaves, USAF (Ret.) & Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson, USAF (Ret.)


Chainsaw McCullough

Financial Advisor

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