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I feel that Abigail Devarra is the embodiment of "People First, Mission Second"

I feel that Abigail Devarra is the embodiment of "People First, Mission Second" ethos that our squadron abides by. Abigail's professional attention to detail in her financial counseling and planning is purely fueled by her desire to help others, which was made clear from the very first moment that I met her. I must admit, I am new when it comes to the realm of financial planning. Aside from the "Set it and Forget it" methods employed for my SGLI and Blended Retirement plan, I felt too intimidated by the perceived complexity to properly invest in stocks and bonds but knew deep down that the sooner I could start, the better.

Abigail understood this and responded in kind by taking all the time I needed to explain the inner workings of insurances, investments, and how it can be flexible as income changes over time. It helped put my anxieties at ease and made me feel all the more empowered in taking those first steps to setting up accounts to be used for these investments because thanks to her, it felt like all the more educated a decision.

I never felt like just another customer to support her portfolio, given overly sweet platitudes and whatever encouragement was needed to sign the dotted line; I felt truly cared for, like a close family member that she was more than happy to help set up a plan to pursue my own success. She helped keep a momentum in developing steps to be taken yet was absolutely patient and understanding to my other needs and priorities that would warrant more time needed before any major decisions made.

This was most clearly exemplified when, at the penultimate time to initiate the planned investment allotments she formulated with my financial plan, I had to immediately call for a three month hiatus to respond to and recuperate from a major career event; due to the proceedings involved, it reduced my income to where I could not effectively invest the planned amounts and much to my worry thought it would technically disqualify me from continuing my counsel with Abigail.

However, not only did Abigail understand the need to pause our progression and allowed all the time I needed until a state of normalcy was achieved, she put my fears to rest by managing to vouch for and ascertain that I could still remain her client for support (much to my gratitude and our shared relief.) A simple readjustment to our investment plan later, and I felt nothing less than outright triumph and exhilaration to actually take the first step towards pursuing a fulfilling retirement!

I cannot thank Abigail enough for her level of support; she's the kind of counselor you'll be glad to meet, and the first guest you'll invite to your retirement party!

–  Jonathan James Hunter Picariello


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