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Kevin Schmitt is an extremely knowledgeable financial advisor

My husband and I have trusted First Command (formerly USPA) for our financial portfolio since approximately 1990. Over that time period, we have had three different financial advisors - our first in Cheyenne, WY, and two here in Omaha, NE.

When our long time Omaha advisor retired several years ago, our new advisor became Kevin Schmidt. I have so many positive accolades about Kevin that I could share, but that would easily become a short novel! So, let me just highlight a few of the many helpful attributes of Kevin.

My husband was diagnosed with cancer in January 2015, and he lost his battle in October 2019. From the moment we shared this news with Kevin, he was there for us. And, now he is here for me. He is my “go to guy” for my financial questions and needs! After retiring from the Air Force after 22.5 years, my husband became a stock broker. So, he was the one who understood - as much as anyone can! - the stock market, our own financial portfolio, etc. So, when he died, I literally was pretty “lost” in the financial world of “what to do and when to do it.”

 After John's death, Kevin helped simplify the number of different investments in my portfolio. That in itself was SO helpful to me. I now literally tell him what I need, and I ask him to advise me like I was his mother! And, that has worked well. I have my yearly reviews, and his thorough analysis helps calm any nervousness or uncertainty that I might have. Plus, when I need to make withdrawals, he assists me with every detail - from recommendations on which account to withdraw from, to withholding taxes, etc.

My husband and I started UGMA accounts for our five grandchildren. In fact, I have an upcoming appointment to make some changes in these “Important Grandma Accounts!”

My oldest daughter and her husband are also clients of Kevin - along with my son-in-law's oldest son and his wife. My husband and I often said that we wished we had started investing at a younger age. So, I so appreciate Kevin helping my family members do exactly that!

I also referred a long time friend - who has no military connections - to Kevin, as she was wanting to have a financial advisor help her with her financial planning as she was reaching retirement age.

In summation: Kevin Schmitt is an extremely knowledgeable financial advisor, and he is constantly searching all avenues for what is in the best interest for  clients. He listens to what I say to him, and he answers all of my financial questions each and every time. The complicated financial world needs more knowledgeable and compassionate people like Kevin Schmidt!

–  Marilyn Godby


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