First Command has been a constant, reliable companion on our journey, and I am deeply grateful.

In 1989, I was an Air Force captain on my second overseas assignment in the United Kingdom. Approaching the midpoint of my career, I began to think about when I would retire from military service, pursue another profession and eventually retire. I knew I should be organizing my financial life to meet the needs of my family, but didn’t have training in money management, hadn’t kept a formal budget and had no idea where to begin.

Fortunately, a good friend told me about an organization, many of whose members were former military themselves, dedicated to helping service members and their families plan for and pursue financial independence. A few weeks later, my wife and I sat down with First Command Financial Advisor Larry Robinson to begin our financial journey that continues to this day.

As he had with so many other young couples, Larry first took time to listen. He seemed interested in our background, our family, the state of my military career, and most importantly, our values and dreams for our family and children. Over several sessions, he guided us into expressing those aspirations as concrete goals and then set up specific and achievable milestones to pursue them.

With Larry's guidance, we soon had a solid plan in place. Even though changes we made in  our money management seemed small at the time, we already felt more secure from the knowledge that we were going forward with a financial framework that was tailored to our specific needs. My wife and I also found that in the course of this process, we adopted a better way of thinking about time and money, and the adjustments we made in our daily lives were already having a positive impact. Before long, our tour in the UK was done and we were off to our next assignment.

Over the next decade, wherever we were assigned, there was a First Command office in town with a knowledgeable Advisor ready to help. When I retired from the Air Force, our Advisor made sure we discussed what we needed to do to protect what we had built, were still heading in the direction of our financial goals, and were prepared for the next phase of our lives.

As I approached my final day of work, my friend and First Command Advisor Tate Young diligently worked to ensure that the portfolio we had built over three decades was properly allocated to provide us with a predictable stream of income in retirement. I am now retired from my second career, my wife is working part time at a job she loves, and our children have completed college and are settled with families of their own.

If I could change any aspect of my experience with First Command, I would have begun working with them at the beginning of my military career rather than halfway through. I am profoundly glad that I have First Command as my guide through the sometimes murky waters of financial planning. They have been a constant, reliable companion on our journey, and I am deeply grateful for the professionalism, caring and steadfastness of every Advisor who has shepherded my family through the past thirty years.

– Richard Horton


Tate Young

District Advisor

This material contains a testimonial from a client of First Command Financial Services, Inc. and/or its affiliated entities (together “First Command”). The testimonial was provided by the client on a strictly voluntary basis. First Command has not paid any direct or indirect compensation to the client for the testimonial and is unaware of any other material conflicts of interest. The testimonial may not be representative of the experience of other First Command clients and is no guarantee of future performance or success.

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