We've witnessed her practice what she preaches.

As a young family, it’s not lost on us that there are many life experiences ahead of us - adventures we want to take, kids we want to provide for, the new homes and jobs and moves that are undoubtedly in our future, retirement planning, a financial legacy to leave for our family, and all the unforeseen detours and expenses along the way. At the beginning of our financial planning journey, we knew that it was important to account for all these things early on, but that responsibility seemed pretty daunting. We knew the importance of financial planning but we had limited knowledge of long term investment and saving strategies.

It wasn't until spending time with Kayley and her First Command staff that the anxiety over planning for our future began to give way to excitement. Kayley listened attentively to our goals, getting to know our lifestyle and what's important to us. She was able to combine a personal relationship with us with years of experience and insight, to create a financial plan that pursued our goals. Kayley has not only helped us allocate our funds, but she has also guided us in choosing suitable vehicles to do so. Furthermore, as our lives have changed and our needs have shifted, she's shown flexibility to grow and adjust our plan as we've needed. She has given us a sense of peace - that we are being the best stewards of our resources that we can be, and that when something unexpected comes down the line, that we have a plan. In her professional role, Kayley has become a close part of our family because she has helped us plan for whatever the future may hold.

Additionally, on a personal note, Kayley is just an all-around outstanding person! She is a strong, experienced, and capable woman of great character whom we are proud to partner with. We've witnessed her practice what she preaches. She is a respected member of her business community and she takes her responsibility of helping service members facilitate goal setting and money management very seriously. If it isn't possible to keep her by our side in the long term, we are at least tremendously thankful for her presence in this chapter of our lives.  

– The Lloyd Family


Kayley Neri

Financial Advisor

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