Erin Gulliksen is THE person to have on your team.

Erin Gulliksen is THE person to have on your team. When you meet somebody who truly cares about you, you have to wonder why everybody can’t be just like her. Having known  little about managing my own personal finances, let alone the finances of the young men and women that I serve with every day, Erin has emphasized the importance of being educated, making decisions regarding my vision of my own future, and strongly educating me on pitfalls that are common amongst military members. I trust her with everything. Not only has she helped me, but she’s helped my family members who  needed guidance on critical financial decisions. She’s also helped my friends, who aren’t  stationed with me, to get in touch with financial advisors in her network to help them begin  their financial journey. Erin is eager to share her personal experiences in addition to her own professional guidance when decisions really count. I truly thank her for those moments over the last 6 years and I am very grateful for her availability and utmost commitment. Erin is skillfull in delivering professional financial guidance and support as well as personal guidance and life coaching in the same conversation. In my opinion nobody truly cares more than Erin and I wouldn’t have had financial  confidence during the tumultuous housing market trends over the last few years if she wasn’t the person guiding me.. I consider Erin a true friend and a selfless human being who’s values are upheld through the organization she runs on a day to day basis. when I meet with Erin, I feel like I am her #1 customer and my well-being takes utmost precedence. Bring your most dire life/financial situations to Erin and she will help you figure things out!

– Thomas Trapane Jr.


Erin Gulliksen

Financial Advisor

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