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We eased into everything slowly, and she wasn't afraid to say that even she didn't know everything.

I first learned about First Command and Sarah through a friend of mine. They met at a car wash, and she had mentioned the kind of work that she does. My friend was super excited about all of it, and he recommended that I should go sit down with her for a meeting. I agreed, and before I knew it, Sarah had reached out to me and set everything up for that first meeting. I must admit that I was pretty nervous to go and talk about everything. I had never worked with a financial advisor before, and taking the time to really look at my finances with another person made me feel vulnerable.

 I felt like I didn't know anything, or like I would embarrass myself. I thought having a financial advisor would be controlling and limiting. Despite all of that, I went in with a clear and open mind. I wanted to learn more and do more with my money. Within the first 2 minutes of meeting Sarah, I realized just how wrong I was. Deciding to have that meeting was one of the best financial decisions I could've made. Sarah was eager to teach and help me with the topics I didn't understand. We walked through different aspects of managing money, investing, and ultimately setting up a plan for my future. She met me right where I was, and I've only grown since then.

We eased into everything slowly, and she wasn't afraid to say that even she didn't know everything. Sarah told me about where she started financially, and how she had a lot of the same issues and worries as most people do. We set up a plan that fit my needs, specific circumstances, and future goals. To anyone that feels like they have a rough understanding of their finances, or people that do have a good grasp on how their money works for them, I would without a doubt recommend going in and talking with First Command.

 It can never hurt to get a new perspective and learn more about how to take care of yourself. Everyone that I have met with First Command has been incredibly kind, and they truly care about their clients. Money can be a scary thing for anyone. Having someone else to give me input and help me navigate that aspect of my life has been an incredibly beneficial asset, and a pretty painless process.

–  Vincent Loosa


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