Joe is a “get it done” guy.

A little history about me first…. I got a late start taking care of my future due to life circumstances. I did receive some help getting started with a 401K at work which got me thinking in the right direction. Investing through a company and trusting someone with my money was a bit of a scary adventure for me with all the ups and downs in the market. I tightened my belt to put as much away as I could. The thought of losing any of that…well you get the idea.

Then, about 10 years ago I joined the First Command Family. My original financial advisor moved on about 4 years later and I had the most fortunate luck to be assigned to Joe Knutsen as my new financial advisor. I made an appointment to go in and meet with Joe. He sent me a worksheet to complete prior to our meeting that made me look at exactly what I was investing and spending money on each month. We looked at areas where I could cut some costs and increase what I was putting into the 401K. He listened to my concerns about getting me to as good a place as possible for retirement. We talked for quite some time. Joe was patient, answered my questions and concerns, explained the process of investing in a market that fluctuates. He provided me with recommendations and scenarios. That whiteboard of his got a workout that day! We scheduled another meeting once Joe came up with a plan based on my risk tolerance and goals. He always included me as part of that process. And so we began… When I got antsy because of market fluctuations he was always available to speak to me and get me back on track.

I don’t offer the word “trust” easily or to many people, but I trust Joe implicitly. He is skilled at his craft, professional but also very caring. He has helped me pursue my goals and provided me the ability to just breathe. I feel much more educated now and don’t panic about investing like I did. Joe is the one who got me there. Joe is a “get it done” guy.

I highly recommend Joe Knutsen and have on many occasions. I am an absolute advocate of getting started as soon as you possibly can with investing in one’s future. Joe Knutsen would be a great choice for you to get your investing adventure on the road to pursue your goals.

– Rebecca Katona


Joe Knutsen

Financial Advisor

This material contains a testimonial from a client of First Command Financial Services, Inc. and/or its affiliated entities (together “First Command”). The testimonial was provided by the client on a strictly voluntary basis. First Command has not paid any direct or indirect compensation to the client for the testimonial and is unaware of any other material conflicts of interest. The testimonial may not be representative of the experience of other First Command clients and is no guarantee of future performance or success.

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